Uh-Oh… It’s Getting Cold

A Jack-o-lantern Carved Pumpkin during a Snow Fall during ...

Before it started raining all last week, it was up there in the low 80s. It felt hot.

But this morning–holy moly, it was 31 degrees this morning!

Just once in my youth it snowed on Halloween. I think it snowed a lot that year. That was before they learned to call variations in the weather “Climate Change” and use them as excuses to plot against our liberties.

All along–and remember, I sit outside every day, to write–something was telling me we were going to have a cold and early Fall this year. *Sigh* I want to finish Ozias, Prince in Peril, but it’s gonna be hard to do when the ink’s too cold to come out of the pen. Probably even harder to do indoors, with the phone ringing a dozen times a day with robots named “Jake” and “Sarah” and “Alexa” trying to sell us solar paneling and musical hookah pipes. Makes it hard to concentrate.

And Europe has had much of its oil supply cut off, thanks to the war in Urkaine. Gonna be a chilly time for them: following the Green Party’s little plans will do that to you.

Why do I have the notion that a lot of procks in government would laugh themselves dizzy if they could see regular people sitting around with their teeth chattering because there’s no fossil fuel to heat their homes? “Look, we’re Saving The Planet!” But they’ll be warm enough. The evils they impose on the rest of us never come anywhere near touching them.

Thirty-one degrees, and October still in single digits–not a good sign.

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  1. According to what I’ve heard, the sunspot cycle is very low in activity, and we appear to be heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, which means that weather will be coolish for decades to come. The Maunder Minimum was in the mid 17th century, and the Dalton Minimum was in the early 19th century. It appears that this cycle will be colder than the Dalton Minimum, ans if it’s as severe as the Maunder Minimum, there could be years with no meaningful summers. Man makes his plans, and God laughs. 🙂


    1. You should be able to handle nuisance calls easily. My mobile phone sends any call that is not in my list of numbers directly to voicemail, and none of these callers ever leaves a message. That would be my first recommendation. I also have turned off alerts from texts, because most of this are spam, and most of my friends know that I prefer not to use text messaging.

      The gadget in the link below does the same thing, for analogue phones, but I’m not sure of how you enter the allowed numbers. It might be worth a look-see, but honestly, I’d recommend just porting yiur current number to a mobile phone and entering your list of known numbers on that.


    2. I am daunted by the prospect of bringing any more incomprehensible (to me) technology into my life. But thanks for the thought. We have a land line phone that hangs on the wall and gets replaced for free when we need a new one (which we have just done recently).

    3. You should do something, at the very least that electronic blocker. There’s no reason to suffer multiple daily nuisance calls. What limited pain goes into entering your list of allowed callers will pay off handsomely, because you will get ZERO more sales calls. I literally never am bothered by such calls, anymore.

    4. It can’t be that hard to install. You just plug the phone into it, and plug the phone line into the other jack. Chances are you can enter numbers manually, or possibly edit a list on a computer. The key here, is that you need a blocker which only allows numbers you whitelist. Thousands of pre-programmed blocked numbers are of limited value, because callers can spoof any caller ID they choose. If you have a list of people and businesses that are allowed calls, you narrow the target from the 9 billion permutations of US phone numbers, down to just a handful. You will never get another nuisance call.

  2. Yes, God sits in the heavens and holds man in derision. I get so tired of seeing a headline saying “most people don’t know this…” and they are so smart, they just want to smarten us up. Hah!

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