‘Furry’ Nonsense… In The Schools

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They come to school in stupid costumes… and the, um, “teachers” allow it.

Does your child’s public school classroom have any “furries” in it? You know–those kids who come to school in costumes, claim to “identify” as animals, and who must be constantly appeased by students and staff alike?

A friend who knows the teacher involved says there’s a kid in the class who “identifies”–and aren’t we getting good and sick of that word!–as a cat… and so a litter box has had to be installed in the girls’ lavatory. And everybody has to go along with her delusion. Please do not ask why.

How many nanoseconds, I wonder, would this have been allowed to go on while I was in school? Someone needs to take this kid aside and say, “Listen, let me explain it to you. You are not a cat. You are an idiot. And if you want to be an idiot, you freakin’ well won’t do it in this classroom.”

We might also ask why the child’s parents have allowed this to go on. Maybe Momma wants 15 minutes of fame. Somehow I doubt there’s a father in the picture.

My friend wonders if Momma feeds her furry offspring Meow Mix or Cat Chow.

The kid needs to be expelled from school until the foolishness stops.

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  1. I share your exasperation, but I’d recommend that the best discipline would be simply to ignore the requests, or say something like “Don’t be silly” or “You know better than that,” or “That’s funny” (i.e., assume they’re joking) or even “Hush now and pay attention” and go on with the lessons. More people need to refuse to take this nonsense seriously, even to show anger about. Of course, unless a majority of teachers agreed to do this, the lone realist on the faculty would probably be fired, but we simply have to stop being on the defensive about reality.

    1. I agree, completely, Phoebe. That’s what would have happened back when I was in school, and no one would want to face possible ridicule for pushing such an issue.

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