Where Are the Crazy Leftids?

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I had several errands to do this morning, and at each store I visited, I got into conversations with others. The substance of these little chats was: stupid New Jersey is governed by villains, thieves, and fools, look at the mess our country’s in, and how in the world do we get out of it? And in short, no one in any of these conversations expressed even a ghost of satisfaction with the way things are in our country, our state, and our town.

But things are all screwed up, and they get that way because there are people who screw them up–sometimes on purpose, sometimes because they’re incompetents.

The people who made a mess of my town weren’t in those stores today. They sit on the borough council, the board of education, and the library board. Somehow they keep getting elected, keep on doing harm, keep on saddling us with foolish, costly programs and policies–we can’t get rid of them! Kick one out of office, and two more take his place.

Somehow their follies in governance never hurt them but only hurt the rest of us. (Yes, they saw to it that we had a Drag Queen Story Hour at our library! No town in America is small enough to be safe from that.) The big ones shield themselves in gated communities with high security, have enough money that inflation doesn’t matter, and anytime they please, hope aboard a private jet for some luxury location. So sure, why not–of course they can impose their weird visions on small towns, big cities, and whole countries. It won’t hurt them!

How long does this have to cook before it boils over?

What Do the ‘Schools’ Have to Do to Enrage You?

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Did Dante have our public schools in mind?

People! Those are your kids whose minds they’re messing with; and it’s your money, that you worked for, which they’re using to pay for it. How much longer will you tolerate it?

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo has delved deep into the San Diego Grooming Operation, otherwise known as the San Diego Unified School District, and its radical “gender-queer”…uh… “teaching” (https://twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1554926876862296064).

This is sheer insanity. San Diego’s public schools teach children that heterosexuality is “a system of oppression” and “heteronormativity” the invention of evil White Europeans–there is not a single transgender cliche omitted from this scheme. Oh! and did you know White Europeans “created” the “gender binary”? Apparently everyone in Asia never heard of “male and female” before that.

The school district has set itself the goal of pulling normal people’s children out of normal sexuality and is heavily invested in that project.

And you’re sending your kids there? To be “educated” by them? What the devil’s wrong with you? God defend us, is this what’s coming out of teachers’ colleges? Coming out to groom America’s children?

Complete the sentence and win a tinfoil hat! “I send my children to public school to be educated by wackos and perverts because _________.”

Do Your Kids Wear Pronoun Bracelets?

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Hot dog, “xi” and “xir”! Tell me how this is NOT totally asinine.

Oh, boy! School will be starting up again real soon! And there’s already a major fad waiting to kick in–

Pronoun bracelets! (https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/the-kids-are-not-all-right-2/) Let people know “what gender you’re feeling today.”

Come on, now–I want to hear from someone who thinks this is all, like, peachy-keen and will do all sorts of good to our culture. Does anybody out there actually think that? Let’s hear your reasons! If you have any.

My Newswithviews Column, May 26 (‘Big Shots With Lame Excuses’)

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“The tanks’ll shut ’em up!”

Two days in a row this week, we were treated to totally lame excuses offered up by big shots who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. In both cases, the whole mess was blamed on someone else.

Big Shots with Lame Excuses

Which is more spectacularly awful? The National School Boards Assn. wanting tanks called in to silence parents (maybe we could have, like, our own Tien An Men Square!), or the State Farm Insurance Co. dispatching “hundreds of agents and employees” to feed transgender propaganda to five-year-olds? I can’t decide!

They’re killing our culture; and as we’ve seen in just the past week, the ruined culture will kill you back.

Today’s Public Schooling Outrage

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I can’t bring myself to illustrate this according to content. Here’s a nice lizard instead.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Are you ready for another public schooling outrage?

Secret “gender transition closets” have been set up in public schools around the country–secret from the kids’ parents, that is (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/secret-gender-transition-closets-young-children-can-trans-without-parents-knowledge-popping-schools-across-country/). Because if mom and dad find out their child now “identifies” as another gender… “children will die, or get beat up by their parents,” say the, uh, “teachers.”

The way it works: your mother sees you off to school in your ordinary clothes; and then, when you get there, you withdraw to the “gender transition closet” where they have all sorts of clothing and “accessories” for you. When the school day is over, you change back into your regular clothes and your poor dopey parents will never catch on!

The scheme has the support of teachers’ unions and some outfit called the “Queer Teachers Fellowship.”

If this is what you want for your children, be assured the public schools will give it to you.

But be careful when you complain about it to your local school board. The FBI might list you as a terrorist. I wish I were exaggerating that last bit, but I’m not.

This has to stop. And it won’t stop until America’s children are taken out of public schools.

‘UK Doctors Forbidden to Call Mothers “Mothers”‘ (2017)

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Can you believe we’re still doing this stupid poisonous schiff five years after this post was written? Still doing it? Hey, we’re teaching it in our public schools!

UK Doctors Forbidden to Call Mothers ‘Mothers’

If “science” can’t address this lunacy and put it to rest, then science isn’t worth much. All we get out of science anymore is politics. If they can’t tell the difference between a boy and a girl, why in the world should we ever listen to them?

There has to be a limit to how much abuse our culture can take before it fails.

TV Chef Has to Hire ‘Cultural Appropriation Specialists’

How much farther does this woke schiff have to go before it just wipes out our civilization?

I don’t watch this stuff on TV, but I can read about it. British TV chef Jamie Oliver has had to hire “offense advisers” and “cultural appropriation specialists” to keep a host of left-wing loons from biting at his ankles (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10432127/Jamie-Oliver-employs-offence-advisers-stop-accused-cultural-appropriation.html).

Several times he’s been accused of Saying The Wrong Thing, especially in regard to the names of some of his recipes. In 2018 his tormentor was the Labour shadow government’s minister of women and equalities, she didn’t like what he called one of his dishes.

We don’t have a shadow government in America, unless you count Obama and his playmates. They’re more honest about it in Britain. Every political party has a make-believe government that can be plugged in, in case the real government suddenly capsizes.

Anyway, Chef Oliver doesn’t want to offend anybody–a doomed quest, an impossible thing. There’s always some jidrool who gets offended. There are also ninnies who want to feel offended. It gives their lives meaning.

Ooh-ooh! Why don’t we just ban and silence and cancel everything that might conceivably, possibly, somehow offend some doofus out there?

‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

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I’d really like to shut off the nooze this weekend. Boy, our country’s been in deep trouble for a long time! For instance:

Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

I’ve had it explained to me: Pushing policies like “transgender,” encouraging riots, and Critical Race Theory breed both rage and chaos, both very useful to persons interested in replacing America with something else–that they will own and control. But I don’t know anyone like that. I do know a lot of useful idiots who go along with it because they believe the schiff they’re told and it makes them feel good about themselves.

We may eventually finish formal schooling, but informal schooling, by means of “entertainment,” goes on forever.

God help us.

Killing Our Culture

Hey! Waddaya think’ll happen if we make this new rule that as long as what you steal is worth less than $1,000… we’ll just forget about it?

Three Walgreen’s stores in San Francisco have closed this year because of uncontrollable random looting. There is tons of YouTube video about it. I picked the one that enraged me the least. The others are worse.

Now people in those neighborhoods can’t get their prescriptions filled locally, but so what? See, if you prosecute yobs who come into the store and fill garbage bags with stolen stuff, you’d be… wait for it… “criminalizing poverty”! NEW LEFTID DOCTRINE: Anyone who feels “poor” is entitled to steal stuff.

Do they ever wonder why people are leaving their cities in droves? Or do they just deny that that is happening?

No political actor will ever admit that one of his pet policies has been disastrously wrong. You will never hear it. Not ever. Not even after they defund the police, coddle Antifa and BLM, remove penalties for crime, rupture our nation’s borders, build up the strength of Communist China, shred the family… They’ve never even admitted Obamacare was a flop. They aren’t going to start being honest now.

I always say, kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

It has begun to kill us back.

‘”Diversity Been Very, Very Good to Me!'” (2018)

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It may not do its students and their families any good, but college is a money machine for the twaddlers who are running it.

In 2016 the University of Michigan paid some bonzo $385,000 to be a “chief diversity and inclusion officer,” whatever the devil that is.

And then they upped the tuition 3.9%.

‘Diversity Been Very, Very Good to Me!’

What a hustle “education” is! It’s a magical process by which bureaucrats turn other people’s hard work into cushy featherbeds for themselves. Diversity! Inclusion! Crapola.

And we’re the suckers who are paying for it.