More Culture Meltdown: ‘Satan Shoes’

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Have some tulips instead.

Hailed as “a young queer Black man” who’s breaking all sorts of bad outmoded no-good barriers, a rapper calling himself “Lil Nas”–sorry, but I really do prefer not to know about these things: they do not edify–is being sued by Nike for marketing his “Satan Shoes” as if they were a Nike product (

Nike is upset because this has damaged overall sales: people think that Nike is endorsing Satanism.

The “Satan Shoes” are made from modified Nike sneakers, plus a pentagram and (we are at liberty not to believe this) “a drop of human blood” in the sole. Supposedly only 666 pairs of Satan Shoes will be sold. Where do we go to stand in awe of so much cleverness?

Don’t ask me to illustrate this post with any photos or videos of this. Nor will I get into a discussion of “Lil Nas'” , er, works. They do not edify.

But one thing they do do is debase and debauch our culture; and in turn, our culture debases and debauches our character. We are like fish who are compelled to swim in a lake of toxic waste. Ain’t gonna do us any good.

May God have mercy on us.


‘The Associated Press vs. the Truth’ (2017)

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In 2017 our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. were trying to solidify the transgender delusion into their style manuals, forbidding…uh, “journalists” from writing anything that might suggest that there were only two genders.

The Associated Press vs. the Truth

Now, in 2021, our Democrat Congress is trying to set up “transgender” as a law, and woe to anyone who speaks the truth! But the AP will always be able to boast, “We led the way!”

Our culture is dying right before our eyes, murdered by leftids. Now that they know how to steal an election, they reckon there’s nothing to hold them back from killing America and replacing it with some kind of golem created by themselves.

God deliver us.

‘Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?’ (2018)

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Didn’t we used to pick this up by watching others do it?

A few years ago, a study done in Britain found a lot of young children were too weak to grip a pencil and lacked the motor skills to write or draw with it.

Kids Too Weak to Grip Pencils?

Seriously–do you ever get the impression that The Smartest People In The World are trying to lead the human race into extinction? I don’t think they want us around.

The gifts they give us are all designed to do us harm.

Hanity, You Idiot

Sean Hannity

On the radio yesterday, Sean Hanity was talking about this weird mutant from Pennsylvania–a man who insists he’s a woman, when he isn’t–who’s been nominated to be the No. 2 weirdo in the Biden administration’s health department.

Sean the, ahem, “conservative,” used every female pronoun in the lexicon when referring to this guy, this man who dresses as a woman–whose thing, by the way, is that little children ought to be allowed to “choose their gender” and get mutilating surgery and puberty-blocking drugs to make it stick.

He shouldn’t be in government. He should be on a desert island trying to stay one step ahead of the Komodo dragons.

But there’s Hanity on the air with “she” and “her” and “hers,” speaking of this wacko as if he really were a woman, as if all it takes to be a woman is a set of women’s clothes.

Dude, what in the world do you think you’re “conserving”? Certainly not our culture! Certainly not our sanity. I mean, if you’re going to buy into a lie as big as this, you might as well go whole-hog and swallow all the lies.

Are we to be governed by such creatures as this? Are you okay with that, Sean?

Shame and shame on you.

We don’t need that much stupid on the radio. We don’t need that much cowardice.

‘Bashin’ Fashion’

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Where does the demand come from, for groteque fashions that make people look like zombies or space aliens? Does anybody actually wear this stuff?

Bashin’ Fashion

We think we can do anything we damned well please to our culture and get away with it, nothing bad will happen. We couldn’t be more wrong. You can’t embrace the dark side without getting sucked into it.

Culture Rot on Steroids: Body-Builder ‘Marries’ Sex Doll

NESTING HABITS – Bluebirdnut

If you think I’m going to publish a picture of this schmendrick cavorting with his sex doll, think again. Here’s a picture of a bluebird feeding her chick instead. God’s stuff is better than man’s.

Let’s see… What’s the most disgusting nooze story available today?

This is like trying to pick out the nicest grain of sand on the beach, but let’s go with this one: A body-builder in Kazakhstan has…er… “married” his sex doll (

Hot dog: man marries inanimate object. He insists he had a courtship with it, proposed to it last December, and has “married” it in a full-blown bogus “wedding” ceremony.

What was the inanimate object going to… say? “No, sorry, sunshine, but I just can’t marry you. My heart belongs to someone else!” Only it doesn’t have a heart, because it is not a living thing of any kind, let alone a human woman.

Sort of like “marrying” your toaster-oven.

They used to cart you off to the rubber room for doing stuff like this. Now they celebrate it.

Still think we can get by all right without a Savior?

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

‘They’ve Got You Coming and Going’ (2017)

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Here we have a woman who says she’s a man suing a Catholic hospital for not removing her uterus. Once upon a time a sentence like that could not have been written.

They’ve Got You Coming and Going!

Heads the satanically-inspired crazies win, tails you lose. Either you admit this wacko is a “man,” and then get sued anyway because a man doesn’t have a uterus, so if you surgically remove hers, you–oh, never mind.

They’re killing our culture. And if you kill the culture, it’ll kill you back.

‘Culture-Killers: Your Local Public Library’ (2016)

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The first time I ever visited the public library, I took out a book about termites.

Those times have changed.

Culture-Killers: Your Local Public Library

The American Library Assn. is enthusiastically complicit in the campaign to kill our culture and replace it with God knows what. Most of the time I don’t even think they know: they just do it as a kind of blind leftid instinct for corruption.

I can’t imagine how someone would even try to explain how this is in any way a good idea; and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be better for hearing it.

Shock Poll! Men Competing as, ahem, Woman are Cheating

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“I’m from the National Health Service, and I’m here to help you!”

Wow. Two-third of Britons, in a new poll, think “trans women”–uh, men, actually–who compete in women’s sports have “an unfair advantage,” and are “cheating” (

This was said first by famous lesbian tennis star Martina Navratilova, and the poll found that two out of three agree with her and only 12% think it’s okay for men to compete in women’s sports. This got the trannies in an uproar, so Navratilova went into grovel mode, explaining that she wasn’t talkin’ about all “trans men,” just the ones who “cynically changed gender” so they could do well in women’s sports. Mon, that’s an awful lot of cynicism.

This comes on the heels of Britain’s National Health Service deciding that “trans women”–that is, men–who have not yet been surgically mutilated into sham “women” are to be cared for in women’s wards in the hospitals. So if you’re a real woman and you need a hospital bed, and they turn you away because some guy got the last bed–well, that’s tough.

If the UK medical establishment honestly believes these men are honest-to-pete “women,” then they’re crazy. If they know the men are not women but go along with it anyway, then they have no integrity and shouldn’t be trusted to practice their version of medicine on anyone.

You’ve heard of “settled science.” Well, this is settled pseudo-science.

Parents’ Protests Stop School’s ‘LGBT’ Lessons

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In Birmingham, England–yeah, I know, it’s so un-PC to say “England”–officials at the Parkview School have halted “LGBT lessons” after parents pulled some 600 children out of the school as a protest (

The Muslim population of Birmingham is a little over 20%, and all the parents quoted in the news article had Muslim names. Do you think school officials would have listened respectfully to protests by Christian parents? I don’t.

Last month 400 parents signed a petition against the lessons. The school took no action until after parents pulled out their children.

That could work for us in America, folks. Worth a try, don’t you think?

Parkview was teaching a curriculum–designed by a “gay” activist–“to promote LBGT equality” and “to challenge homophobia.” By “equality” they mean “gays are supreme and don’t you forget it!” The parents quoted in the story said they were objecting on the grounds that their children–aged four to eleven–were too young to be “taught” such material. School officials said the lessons would be shelved until Easter and not resumed until after “a full consultation with every parent.” Uh-huh.

The homosexual activist who created the curriculum has been honored with a Member of the British Empire award for his work in killing the culture. He’s lined up for other honors, too; but I’ll cover that in the next post.