Turtle Bullies Cat

Our little painted turtle was always fed by hand–and petted, and scratched on the chin–so he was very tame and trusting. Our cat, Henry, used to sit and watch him; and the turtle paddled around and around, waiting for Henry to feed him.

Anyway, I can’t explain what’s happening in this video. Why doesn’t the cat just jump up onto a picnic bench? The tortoise couldn’t reach him there.

3 comments on “Turtle Bullies Cat

  1. Something tells me that this isn’t the first time these two have plated that game. It’s obvious that the turtle isn’t even slightly afraid of the cat, and I don’t think that the cat is even slightly afraid of the turtle.

    1. Turtles can be very stubborn. My turtle was convinced our cat was going to feed him, and no amount of disappointment would change his expectations.

    2. All of the turtles I’ve known were stubborn. There’s one that owes me money, to this day. 🙂

      More seriously, reptiles are different. I had a red eared slider, and it was a neat little guy. But they are wired differently from mammals, and some of what they do makes sense in reptile world, but not the mammalian world.

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