The Creature Under the Tarp


I was sitting out in the sun this morning, enjoying my cigar and thinking–it’s what I do, to find ideas to bring my book forward–just sitting in my chair, next to this great big tarp that covers my late neighbor’s adult tricycle… when I heard something moving around under the tarp.

What could it be? A squirrel? Raccoon? Skunk? I sit there because it’s the last place left to find any shade around here. Maybe some animal has the same idea.

But what if it isn’t an animal? What rattles around under a canvas bike cover? What will I see if it decides to come outside? Can’t be a ghost: they avoid the light of day. But one of the houses next door supposedly has a ghost. The woman who used to live there told me it was the ghost of a British soldier wounded in the Battle of Metuchen, in our War for Independence. But no–he never came outdoors.

I could have lifted up the tarp and had a peek. I’m not sure why I didn’t do that. The bees weren’t scared, they were busy with the flowers. I’m not saying I was scared; but the fact is, I didn’t peek.

Maybe next time. We’ll see.

3 comments on “The Creature Under the Tarp

  1. It was me, Lee. I was just keeping an eye out for you. There was a New Jersey Devil under there too, but it happened to be sleeping at the time. 🙂

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