How Stupid Is This?

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Does this add up to even slightly less than ordinary intelligence?

It’s night-time, it’s dark. Wear dark clothing, Jog on Main Street, with the traffic, instead of any of the back streets. Jog on the street instead of the sidewalk.

I had to go out on an errand last night; and turning onto Main Street from one of the side streets, I almost ran over a jogger who was jogging on the street, at night, in dark clothing. I never saw him till I was right on top of him. Two more inches, and I’d have run him over.

Why couldn’t he have jogged on some of our practically-deserted back streets? Why couldn’t he have worn white clothing? Did he absolutely have to trot down Main Street?

I really cannot understand this.

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  1. I see this frequently as I drive to church before sunrise every day — not joggers, but just people strolling across the street, sometimes diagonally, or just strolling up the street in the middle of the road instead of on the sidewalk. And yes, this is in a city, with real sidewalks. But there they are in dark clothing, strolling along, not checking for cars or maybe not caring. And there I am, almost running them over before I see them in my headlights. I don’t think it’s a death wish on their part, either; rather, it seems to be part of the modern entitlement mentality. The world has to take note of them, not they of the world, and the world needs to accommodate itself to them, not they to the world.

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