Secret Chinese Police–in New York

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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

The one in New York won’t have a sign on the door.

How about that? Chinese communist cops have opened up shop in New York City ( In fact, they’ve set up secret police stations in over 100 cities worldwide.

Twenty members of Congress are calling for an investigation–not to mention immediately shutting down these unauthorized police stations. They are incredulous that the Biden administration allowed this. Honk if you’re at all surprised they did.

The purpose of the secret police stations is to harass and intimidate Chinese people living overseas–maybe a little spot of blackmail, too, to get them to do a bit of spying. It’s blatantly illegal; and it’s also being done in Ireland, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, and Germany. Several of these countries have already shut down the stations. Others are, uh, workin’ on it (like it’s rocket science).

Does anyone doubt the Chinese Communist Party owns Biden, his family, and his so-called government?


4 comments on “Secret Chinese Police–in New York

  1. We’ve got them here in Canada, to – and I believe an investigation was started over it not long ago.

    Considering our Prime Dictator has gotten away with so much already, I don’t expect anything to come of it.

  2. I am not surprised by many things anymore, but this, you have got to be kidding…but they are not.

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