Stopped By The Weather

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Well, it’s really cold today! Not expected to climb out of the 40s, and the sky just about completely overcast. The weather just has not played ball with me this year.

I don’t know how I’m going to write out there. Probably I can’t. Even if I tough it out, it’s now cold enough to stop the ink from coming out of the pen.

I hear crows, though. Something’s got them worked up. If I were Helki, I’d understand what they were saying. Just being me, I suspect it’s something like “C’mon out here, you sucker!”

All right, I’ll try. Let’s see how long I last.

[Well, I managed to write three pages before my hands got numb, and that’s three more than I thought I could.  Queen Parella is having more excitement than she bargained for.]

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  1. You managed to write three pages in one day (you will get it done, just as you have in the past).

    Well, I have a book to finish, and haven’t written three pages in three weeks…I just can’t seem to begin again…so many things on my mind…my get-up and go, has seemed to gotten up and left.

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