‘Spiteful Mutants’ Wreck Society

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Does evolution work backwards?

If you think I’m cheesed off, wait’ll you read this.

Rise of the Spiteful Mutants

I know, I know–calling any attention to the article above leaves me open to an accusation of Stochastic Terrorism. But I probably already crossed that boundary when I posted the morning hymn.

“Promiscuous use of the death penalty,” along with plagues and pandemics, desperate poverty, and war weeded out stupid people and society benefited and made progress.

As a Christian, I find the authors’ conclusions a bit harsh. Although some of the quotes resonate with me, like this one: “Spiteful mutants are the men in dresses demanding everyone pretend they are some third sex rather than a lunatic.” But to find that the average IQ in Somalia is only 67, when you can hardly step out the door–if you even have a door–without someone shooting at you: well, no, that doesn’t leave them much time or inspiration for composing symphonies.

Yes, there are people trying, and trying very hard, on purpose, to wreck our civilization and turn it into God knows what, with themselves perched happily on top of it. And yes, they do make people who listen to them, and believe them, stupid. It’s called “public education,” and it makes you stupid.

The authors here betray a taint of social Darwinism, turned around to favor the survival of the least fit. Yes, a lot of “poor” people are stupid, violent, and given to crime. But all have sinned: Jesus Christ is their savior, too.

And God knows there’s plenty we need saving from!

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  1. Evolution is a total lie. The material universe is tending toward breaking down and becoming simpler not more intricate – the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. No way did man evolve from apes or monkeys. Because of mutations in the DNA the majority of mankind is becoming dumber and dumber – can you observe this? 🙂

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