Guinea Pigs Testing Cat’s Patience

What did the poor cat do to deserve this? I’m sorry, but this is one of my all-time favorite animal videos. Watch the cat try to ignore the playful guinea pigs. Watch him finally give up… but that doesn’t ensure his escape.

9 comments on “Guinea Pigs Testing Cat’s Patience

  1. Here, I don’t like that sound, the patter of four little feet, when running across the ceiling in the attic, for that means another rat moved in, and I will have to use a cage to evict another one.

  2. I never thought about that before. Thanks, now I have another thing to worry about. There are cobras that live here. One of our carabao (water buffalo) died from a cobra bite. A friend of mine who lives a short distance from our place, almost stepped on one that found its way into his bathroom.

  3. Guinea Pigs are a mystery to me. I know that they play a role in the natural order, but I’m at a loss as to what that role is, but they are sure entertaining. As far as the video is concerned; the Guineas posed a threat only to the cat’s dignity, but that was enough. 🙂

    Something has found it’s way into my crawl space. What puzzles me, is that the crawl space has been securely blocked for months, but whatever is down there is raising more of a ruckus than a rhino burrowing under a wading pool. I need to investigate, but given that the local fauna ranges from harmless birds, on one end of the spectrum, to Jaguars at the other end, I’m wondering if I need to involve the National Guard, before I have a look. 🙂

  4. I don’t think it’s a snake, because I’ve heard something scraping on the ductwork. What I don’t understand, is how anything of any size could get under there. There are two entries to the crawl space, and both are closed and nothing much bigger than a small rodent should be able to squeeze in, but if whatever it is is brushing against the ductwork, that would take something the size of a medium dog. The other possibility would be that a rodent actually found its way into the ducts. I just don’t know.

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