Writing in the Cold

Is This Serious? Why Are My Hands & Feet Always Cold?

I’ve just come in from writing outside, finishing another set of chapters for Ozias, Prince in Peril. It’s December 1 and my hands are cold, cold, cold! The book is going well, but at a price.

So now I’m under wifely orders not to do this anymore: write indoors, we don’t want you getting sick! I guess I’d better listen, eh?

One more chapter set ought to do it, although I don’t yet have any idea of a climax. Ozias, Prince Enthroned is next up, but that will have to wait till spring. If I can somehow finish this one before Christmas, I’ll rejoice. But I haven’t written any fiction indoors for years now, so this’ll be a challenge.

I can only pray my work will be fruitful in His service, Amen.


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