San Francisco, an Exercise in Self-Satire

Out of order sign toilet hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

“But it’s supposed to be Sustainable…!”

San Francisco is well-known for certain disturbed individuals who make a habit of defecating on the city’s sidewalks. So the city’s anointed rulers thought they’d address the problem by providing hi-tech, state-of-the-art, Sustainable, Self-cleaning public toilets.

They installed the toilets on Nov. 23.

The toilets broke down on Nov. 26 ( Honk if you find that the least bit surprising.

With hindsight, we can say “Of course the hi-tech toilets didn’t work! Did you really expect them to work? What is it about San Francisco that does work? What do they touch that doesn’t turn into ****… or worse?”

We are not told why the toilets broke down. What the weirdos out there tried to flush down those toilets staggers the imagination. There are some things that it is not good for man to know.

Democrat Blue cities–hot dog.


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