Robocop Lives!

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Hot on the heels of brilliant success with Sustainable, Self-Cleaning public toilets that worked for three whole days (!) without breaking down, the city of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors has voted to allow police to equip robots with the ability to “use deadly force”… now and then ( Only when all else fails.

Robocop lives! Although it’d be just too bad if he turned into the Terminator. Back to the drawing board.

Now, of course robots will only kill people when all else fails, and they’ll only be authorized to do so by “only a few high-ranking officers,” so nothing can possibly go wrong. They won’t just strap guns or hi-tech suspect zappers onto existing robots. Instead, the robots will be armed with “explosive charges” and maybe other goodies.

Mis-genderers, dead-namers, and Climate Change deniers, beware! You are gonna get yours, and how!

And it’s San Francisco, so you know there’ll be no problems with it.

6 comments on “Robocop Lives!

  1. Oh, Lee, don’t be silly. High tech machines can never go wrong. And besides, the government would nevvvver use such weaponry against Enemies Of The State (i.e., ordinary citizens). Puh-leeeze. Have you no faith in our overlords? (I hope I made it clear enough that this is sarcasm.)

  2. And guess what? Our very own high techiness, i.e., WordPress, just misfired by not allowing me to say I wanted to be notified of new comments on this thread. Maybe It was angry about my sarcasm. 🙄 I’ll try again.

  3. As a gen-ewe-whine hi-tech Wazoo, let me state with complete confidence that nothing could ever go wrong with this plan. It is impossible for this to encounter any problems whatsoever. In fact, ANY problem which exists, ANYWHERE, and at ANY time, only exists because this plan has not been implemented.

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