We Dont Kneed Relijjin,, We Got Brane Chips!

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Whith theeze heer Brane Chips “yiu” whil Live Fourevver!!!

Wow! This gye naimed Mussk “in” jist Six (^!) Munths he whil has Brane Chips that yiu “can” putt “In” yore Hedd and live like Fourevver!!!! Haow grate is That?!?!!

That whil be cawlled Noora-Link or sombthing and wen yiu “get” themb In-Planted “in” yore Hedd it whil Cure awl yore “dizzeezes” and Not Ownly That,, it whil maik yiu Reel Smart tooo!!!!!!! Butt he kneeds six moar Munths to maik it so it doughnt Blow Up and bern yore Brane!!! He tryde It “on” Munkys and sombtymes thare Hedds thay fawl off or the Brane it jist “terns” Into Watter and “runs” Owut yore Eers!!!!!

Well he whil Get It Riyhght sooon and “then The” Chips thay whil maik yiu Immoral and awl yiu got “to Do” is keeep On eeting themb and Intro-Face yore Brane whith yore Cumputer and wen “the” Cumputer its No Good ennymoar yiu Jist Replaice It!!!!!! Thatz haow yiu “Live Fourevver” and awl yiu kneed Is regglur Up-Daits!!!

And that whaighy yiu Doughnt kneed no Relijjin becawze yiu Cant dye and yiu “Can Do” enny Thing yiu whant!!!! Jist lyke Johhn Lenin he sayed No Hevvin and No Hell!!!!!! He sayed That “in his” grate sawng Ammajjin!!!!!!! Funny! I thawt Pressadit Obamma he rote that!!!!!!!!

5 comments on “We Dont Kneed Relijjin,, We Got Brane Chips!

  1. If you need a brain for the chips to work, Joe, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

    (Seriously, though, I was going to say no one would take such a chance on having some puppetmaster hack into his brain and neural system like this, but then I remembered how eagerly people in one or two European countries lined up to get similar chips implanted in their hands or arms without considering the dangers.)

    1. Oh, it’s for the nobles of medical reasons! Then again, that’s what they always said. If a progressive ever told the truth, he’d keel over dead.

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