Archbishop Vigano’s Dire Warning (Please Read!)

Archbishop Vigano releases testimony detailing abuse cover-up by Pope Francis, Roman Curia

Archbishop Carlo Vigano

There is great evil afoot in this age of our fallen world; and if you think the COVID pandemic, and its multitude of restrictions and petty tyrannies, was part of it… well, you’re not alone.

Please read this speech that Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has delivered to Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International.

I won’t attempt to paraphrase his warning against “the criminal mind behind the evolution of events.” This is something we must take seriously. See Ephesians 6: 10-20,

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  1. I am taking this as serious as a heart attack. Without God’s intervention in a big way we have already lost. People without Christ are blind, they cannot see what is happening is the proverbial frog in the pot on the stove slowly being heated up to the boiling point of death.

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