Gov’t and the Press: It’s True Love!

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The Regime’s journalistic toadies deserve to be recognized!

Put some Democrats in office, and watch the love affair bloom between them and what we laughingly call our “free press.” Dahling! We belong to a mutual admiration society!

In the orgy of spending known as the Omnibus bill, Democrats have included over a billion dollars in “subsidies” to the (LOL) “journalists” in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which includes PBS and NPR. Hey, hey! You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours!

They’ve also ponied up money to erect a colossus–well, all right: a statue–honoring “journalists” ( Somehow they missed putting up statues to drug dealers, quacks, shyster lawyers, and dead people who still vote.

It could be tackier. They could put up statues to themselves.

Marcus Cato, asked why there were no statues of him in the Forum of Rome, said he would rather people asked why he didn’t have a statue… than why he did.

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