At Least We’ve Got the Brontosaurus Back

Marx Prehistoric Playsets

The Marx Toy Co. Brontosaurus. Looks like he might have a touch of indigestion.

I don’t have it today, just don’t have it. Today’s nooze isn’t even worth satirizing. Maybe I need a longer Christmas week.

But at least I can report that Science is reconsidering its not-so-long-ago decision to toss the Brontosaurus into the dumpster of “never really was.” So I don’t have to discard the toy Brontosaurs I acquired in the 1950s and early 60s. Calloo, callay, o frabjous day! Brontosaurus is back!

For a while there they were saying there was no such thing, it’s really just an Apatosaurus with the wrong head stuck onto the rest of the skeleton. But now they are increasingly okay with Brontosaurus–it was real, after all. Well, probably.

You might ask, “So who cares?” Well, I do. I kind of hoped I’d see some of these awesome creatures when I got to Heaven. (That goes for the Baluchitherium, too–another one they’re trying to drum out of the corps.) Maybe even touch one. As world-famous paleontologist Bob Bakker once said to me, “God must have really had a blast, creating these!” They just about swept him off the stage for saying things like that. But I say “God bless you, Bob, wherever you are.”

5 comments on “At Least We’ve Got the Brontosaurus Back

  1. It’s a little known fact, but Brontos had a real affinity for spicy foods, and sometimes they went a bit too far with the Marinara sauce, and indigestion ensued. 🙂

    I’m glad to have them back, too. To me, the brontosaurus was second only to the stegosaurus. I have to put the bronto in second place, because I lived in Colorado for many years, and the stego is the state dinosaur of Colorado. I could drive, roughly, 10 minutes west of my home, and knowing where to look, could see stegosaurus footprints.

    1. Certainly Brontosaurus has made out a lot better than poor Trachodon, cast into the outer darkness by so-called scientists who have no feel for any kid’s toy dinosaur collection.

    2. They were just about ready to ice the Dryptosaurus, too. As it is, they nosed him out of being New Jersey’s State Dinosaur (not that I object to Hadrosaurus… but Dryptosaurus is way cooler).
      I guess the moral of the is, You can go extinct twice!

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