Big Kitty? Big Box!

If you’ve been looking for ways to delight your pet lion or tiger, just remember that they’re cats and they’ll like what cats like. And what do cats like better than cardboard boxes? For the big cats, all you need is… big cardboard boxes.

10 comments on “Big Kitty? Big Box!

  1. Cats, are cats, are cats. They seem to be fascinated by enclosed spaces. My favorite cougar, Messi, loves playing with boxes, and usually ends up shredding some cardboard, along the way. There is no box in my home that hasn’t been thoroughly “cat-scanned”, and usually tried on for size.

    It certainly appears that some fairly wild species can behave themselves pretty well, under the right circumstances.

    1. I didn’t check the box for email notifications. Without that, I could miss snappy repartee, completely. 🙂

    2. I cannot say what is in my heart without incurring a spiritual pollution.
      And when I opened the blog this morning (before the ^%$%# computer conked out), I had only 14 more views than I’d have if I didn’t exist at all.

  2. Great video! Rusty seems to have had the best idea about how to enjoy his box without destroying it.

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