A Tale of a Tail

You can hear some kind of sporting event going on off-camera; and you can see the cat is watching it intently–while her kitten attacks her tail. How long is this going to be allowed to go on? Man, you can’t even watch a game without someone tuggging at your tail.

7 comments on “A Tale of a Tail

  1. I see this going on in the back yard all the time. One cat puts up with it, another one- not for long.

  2. When I was somewhere between adolescence and adulthood, it struck me that animals had childhood and adult states. I had a cat, and I realized that my cat was more mature than I was. That sounds like a joke, but I mean it seriously, because that was a step in my realization that just because I had grown to my full height, that didn’t mean that I was fully an adult.

    They have learned, in recent decades, that the brain doesn’t fully develop until sometime in your early to mid twenties. Obviously, animals develop along similar lines. It seems to me that both dogs and cats mature psychologically by the time they are about two years old.

    So the mother cat didn’t take the tail attacks all that seriously, but obviously there came a point when she had enough.

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