Totally Out of Gas

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Write your blog! Go to the pharmacy! Write your Newswithviews! Finished? Good–now get busy on your book!

Man, I don’t think that I can do that…

I am exceedingly tired. Oh, to be sixty again. They tell me Behold! (Bell Mountain No. 14) is at the printer’s now but being held up by “supply chain issues.” It’s not like there’s any urgency about finishing Ozias, Prince in Peril; but I would like to get it done and have some time off before I start writing the next book.

I’m so tempted to let go this afternoon and have another cigar.

4 comments on “Totally Out of Gas

  1. I can certainly identify with that feeling. This condition I have really gets the better of me some days. Hope your day is better tomorrow. (mine too)

  2. I sympathize. I was so exhausted this afternoon that I took a nap instead of doing any work, and now I find myself staring at an inbox full of [she pauses to check] 16 still-unread emails, after reading and/or answering even more than that. Every time I respond to one, two more pop up. I may just give up in a few minutes and leave the rest for tomorrow — except that I have a meeting to go to tomorrow morning, and by the time I get home, there’ll be dozens more. Maybe I’ll just change my name and leave town…. (Just joshing. That would take even more work.)

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