Goats vs. Coyote

The coyote wants the chicken. The goats don’t want the coyote. It’s a standoff, three goats vs. one coyote. I wish we could know what the chicken thought of it. Sit back and see who blinks first.

6 comments on “Goats vs. Coyote

  1. Goats are very interesting creatures. Very clever, in their own way.

    What I find most interesting is that there seems to be an understanding among domestic animals that unites them in protecting one another from wild animals.

    Coyotes are a horrible thing to have around. Of all the dangerous creatures in this area, coyotes are the ones for whom I have zero empathy. A coyote will stop at nothing, if it sets its sights upon a domestic animal that it wants to take. But these goats found a way to stop the coyote. Good on ‘em.

    1. So will I. As a rule, I don’t like to kill animals. I’ve killed venomous snakes that posed an immediate threat to humans, but I even feel bad about that. However, coyotes are another matter. They may look like dogs, but they are vicious wild animals, and probably the most dangerous animal in this area.

      Yes, we have rattlesnakes, coral snakes, Gila Monsters Jaguars and Mountain Lions, but the only things that have ever directly hassled me are Coyotes and Javelina. Javelina are just dumb, senseless things, and so long as you avoid them, there’s not much to worry about.

      OTOH, I’ve gotten in stand-offs with a Coyote. If they perceive you as a threat to some food source, they will stand their ground and they are unpredictable. So long as no human is put at risk, I have no problem with someone dispatching any coyote they see. There’s a good reason that they were hunted almost to extinction, in the past.

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