Please Hit the Freakin’ ‘Like’ Button

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I am told that it would somehow help me, as a blogger, if more of my readers pressed the “Like” button. I don’t know how that’s supposed to work, but people who know much more about such things assure me that it does. If no one hits your Like Button, a robot exiles you to the fringes of the galaxy.

Could we do this as an experiment? Everybody hits the like button, and see what happens after two weeks of this, or so. I’m not asking you for money. Or votes. Just a second or two of hardly noticeable effort.

Can we at least try this? In advance, thank you (whether it works or not).

10 comments on “Please Hit the Freakin’ ‘Like’ Button

  1. I’m on the run and can’t even read much online, let alone comment, but…. I discovered that I couldn’t “like” anything unless I registered as a blogger myself with WordPress. So I now officially have a WordPress blog with nothing on it and completely unattended to, and I’ve been “liking” every one of your posts here — because I really do like them. 🙂

    Just finished cleaning the house and now I have to go give Iggy his lunch — and get some lunch for myself. I’ll be back this afternoon. Unless some new crisis happens. 🙄

    1. Please feel free to use my posts on your blog.
      Really, I don’t know if Likes can help my viewership numbers. It’s starting to make my brain boil.

    2. I don’t want to have a blog. I just had to pretend I wanted to build one in order to be allowed to register with WordPress so I could “like” your posts.

    3. P.S.–I’d like to be the first to comment on your blog, even if there’s nothing yet to comment about… but I couldn’t find it.

    4. That is a blog setting.

      If you go into your Settings, under Discussion, there is section for Comments. One of the options to select/de-select is “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”. If that is NOT selected, anyone can comment, whether they have WP accounts or not.

  2. Kudos to WordPress. I track all of my passwords with a special application, bespoke to that purpose. WordPress isn’t accepting my password. These people are idiots.

    1. I had the same problem with WordPress for a long time – couldn’t get in with my password, couldn’t get a “change of password” link, couldn’t start a new account because they supposedly already had an account for me (for which they wouldn’t accept my password or let me change it), and round and round it went. I don’t remember how I finally managed to start a blog account, but that was the only way I could post a “like” here. And no, I don’t want to start a blog. I just want to be able to “like” someone else’s.

      Notice, by the way, that where people have “liked,” there’s a notation underneath the “like” figures that “[X number of] bloggers like this. In other words, WordPress will allow only people with registered blogs to “like” here.

    2. WordPress is incomprehensible! Phoebe, you’ve been posting Likes almost every day for years, and nobody said anything about you having to have a blog, etc., before you can “Like.” But when I go to WP with these problems, they all but laugh in my face as they snow me under with tech-talk.

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