It’s Just A Mess At My End

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I know there are some readers who aren’t happy with the service around here. You want to post Likes, and you can’t. You want to post a comment, and you can’t. I assure you–it’s just as big a mess at my end.

I’ve tried to get help from WordPress, but all I ever get out of them is a lot of techno doubletalk and snow jobs. They think everyone’s a computer expert.

So far this month, except for the sole exception of Jan. 1, I’ve been losing at least a hundred views a day, every day. It’s extremely frustrating. I don’t know what causes it, so I don’t know how to fix it. Thank you, God, that I’m on a salary! Because the whole idea of this blog was based on eventually lots of people reading it. They’re not–they’re fleeing the scene, like congregants fleeing out of a Far Left church.

I’m working as hard as ever, but it’s like the boat just keeps filling up with water no matter how fast I bail it out.

Any insights, out there? They’d be appreciated.

4 comments on “It’s Just A Mess At My End

  1. Their blog platform has gotten terrible. I don’t know what to say. I realize the value of existing posts on the platform, but I wouldn’t expect anything good from WordPress, in the future. Their best days are behind them.

    1. There may be ways to do that, but that’s way outside my field of expertise. There are companies that do such things, and there may be software products available to do this. You could try doing a web search on “ migrate wordpress to softstack”.

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