‘Feminists Want to Ban Deodorants’ (2019)

Unscented Deodorant Stick & Antiperspirant | Ban

Holy cow! They want to ban Ban??

So America’s just this great big prison, see, and only Far Left weirdos can get us out of it, and you do that by turning all the criminals loose–and by not using deodorants anymore!

Feminists Want to Ban Deodorants

Doggone gendered regimes of incarceration! Really, if this stuff makes sense to you, get help fast.

5 comments on “‘Feminists Want to Ban Deodorants’ (2019)

  1. How funny … I just posted a comment about deodorant in your post about John Bunyan’s hymn. And that was before I noticed this post. Two great minds….

    Yes, leftists do tend to be a smelly bunch. It’s that whiff of brimstone, I suppose.

  2. If these people ever get their way, they will find out the meaning the “ Carceral State”, and they won’t like it.

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