Horse and Elk Play… What?

It’s obvious there’s some kind of game going on between these two, with the elk herd as spectactors–but what game is it? If we could only get a closer look at that green thing on a string, whatever it is. Who knows? We might want to play, too.

6 comments on “Horse and Elk Play… What?

  1. This is interesting. Obviously, they each knew a fellow ungulate when they saw one. 🙂 it seems to me that the horse put some amount of effort into flinging that green object over the fence to his new friend.

    A year or so, ago, I was on a bike ride and came around a corner where a I saw a large horse in a corral, exchanging curious stares with a small group of mule deer. Unfortunately, my presence ended the party, but it was obvious that there was mutual fascination.

    1. In Africa zebras and gnus herd together for mutual protection (and maybe they like each other’s company). I wonder if that was ever done in North America.

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