We Win a Culture War Skirmish

An image of the M&Ms ‘spokescandies’ after they rebranded. Green M&M for example, is no longer wearing her signature “sexy” outfit because she’s a “feminist” now.

This is what you get when corporate Woke types who have no sense of humor try to be amusing.

Somehow I missed the whole Woke M&Ms gambit, probably because I don’t watch TV. I’m glad I missed it. I mean, yeesh! You can’t grab a little snack without some plastic-headed wokies shoving their stupid politics down your throat?

So there was a huuuge backlash against lesbian and “fat-accepting” M&M “spokescandies” and the corporation had to back down, announcing that the annoying, preachy spokescandies are to be replaced by “the beloved Maya Rudolph.” Beloved by whom? I never heard of her. It seems she was on Saturday Night Live for a while. I don’t feel any the poorer for not knowing who she is.

Now of course the Far Left Crazy never admits they’ve been defeated; so the most we could get out of the corporation was an announcement that the Woke Spokescandies campaign would be subjected to “an indefinite pause.” Sort of like when a public school teacher is “suspended indefinitely” after mooning his 3rd-grade class. “Indefinitely” means he’ll be back when it all blows over.

I call it a skirmish instead of a battle, because for us normal people the stakes, while important enough in their own right, were relatively small: we could always just not buy M&Ms. We need bigger culture war victories than these–but a lot of small victories could add up to a big one. We probably can’t get the teachers’ unions or the American Library Assn. to repudiate “transgender.” But by putting our kids into homeschooling and voting down school and library budgets every year… well, wait a minute. Why should we ever stop doing that? If it make ’em groan, keep doing it.

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  1. The mind staggers. This is a bizarre idolatry to wokeness. Well, Maya Rudolph is relatively inoffensive.

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