Cat Hygiene (Sort Of)

I had a friend whose cat always used the toilet instead of a litter box. He was 90 years old and much appreciated the labor his cat spared him.

Here’s a cat who has almost figured out the use of toilet paper. You can see it’s a big “almost.”

4 comments on “Cat Hygiene (Sort Of)

  1. Clever cat. I wish mine would learn that.

    One of the fears I live with is that my cat will discover that she can unroll toilet paper.

    1. My previous cat, a Himalayan named CoCo, had a litter box that was under the sink next to the toilet paper holder. If he thought I wasn’t cleaning his box out quickly enough — i.e., immediately — he would often unroll the toilet paper over it. He was a very fastidious cat … about his litter box, anyway.

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