200 Students in Brawl at Louisiana High School

Caught on camera: High school brawl - YouTube

Just another scuffle in the hallway?

If you put all your bad apples into one basket… all you’ve got is a basketful of bad apples. This little tidbit of wisdom was apparently not available to the powers that be in the East Baton Rouge school district.

A few days ago a massive brawl broke out at the school, involving an estimated 20o students (https://nypost.com/2023/03/12/fight-among-200-brawlers-at-louisiana-hs-ends-in-10-arrests/). A crowd of police officers was called in to stop the violence–which in some cases they did with some violence of their own. Several officers were injured, one with a broken hip. Ten, um, students, all aged 15-18, were arrested.

Officials say they don’t know what set off the melee.

But here’s where they displayed a deep lack of common sense:

This “Readiness Alternative School” was packed with teens who’d already been suspended or expelled from other schools in the district. Yeesh–“readiness” for what? A riot? I mean, really–what did they expect to happen, thrusting all these bad actors into one building? What kind of nut would ever want to “teach” there?

What good are “authorities” who can’t keep order? Was this the best they could do? What’ll they do for an encore–Murder High?

This policy needs rethinking, big-time.

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  1. Hardly surprising, given the fact that they are packing all the troublemakers into one school.

    1. It’s only possible if the people involved in making the decision had no sense. Sadly, that is the case, far too often.

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