Of Course the Cat Will Fit!

Glass of kitten, anyone? How about a bowl of cat? Honestly, why do cats squeeze themselves into such tight spaces? But at least they don’t have to worry about developing claustrophobia. I don’t think cats can get that.

3 comments on “Of Course the Cat Will Fit!

  1. I can’t watch this kind of video. I’m the one who gets claustrophobic — or, rather, afraid that the cat will suffocate or be trapped or in some other way be injured. Yes, I know the photographer is right there to rescue the cat, but … will he? or will he manage before the cat is injured? I just can’t watch this kind of thing.

    Need to run now. I overslept and I’m running a half hour behind schedule. Won’t be back until this afternoon. Or evening. Or tomorrow. I think I’ve overloaded myself again….

    1. I’m a bit claustrophobic, myself, and know what you mean.

      How do cats do it? I think it’s a combination of being very flexible, and that cats appear much larger because of their fur.

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