Oh, No! Turtles!

Some dogs just can’t live with turtles. Our box turtles used to provoke our family dog to very loud and energetic protests… which they totally ignored, and just went on eating his dog-food like he wasn’t even there. There’s very little a dog can do about a smart-aleck box turtle.

4 comments on “Oh, No! Turtles!

  1. When I watched that clip with the turtles, for some reason I thought of that ridiculous fad and movie from a few years ago “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” How silly an idea. Ray Stevens also thought it was silly, and came up with a parody, a tongue in cheek song that I found hilarious “Teenage Mutant Ninja Chickens.” I think you and your readers might enjoy listening, so here is the link.

  2. Dogs are so funny, when they see something they don’t understand. A strange mix of curiosity and stark terror. Barking is the answer.

    I loved the Ray Stevens video. The man is an absolute genius.

  3. Thanks for the comment about Stevens’ video. I was truly wondering if anyone else thought it was funny or liked it. If you liked that one, try these on for size. “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” and “Smokey Mountain Rattlesnake Retreat.” I have liked any genre of song put out by Stevens. He does a splendid job with the gospel song “Turn Your Radio On.”

    1. I remember Turn Your Radio On, quite clearly. I was fairly young, but I learned it on guitar, back when it was getting airplay.

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