‘Murdering Fantasy’ (2016)

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You might need this while you read the book.

I know a lot of people who say they never read fantasy. Not much fun for a fantasy writer to hear. The most common reason given is that fantasy isn’t worth reading.

Where did they get that idea?

Murdering Fantasy

Well, boys ‘n’ girls, if you’re gonna fill your fantasy novels with cliche characters whose every word and action is 100% predictable… and then go one step farther by naming these characters after popular headache remedies… then I guess that’s what they mean by not worth reading.

Ah, the Invincible Female Warrior! The Crusty But Benign Wizard! The Know-It-All Elf with pointy ears!

I wouldn’t read it, either.

One comment on “‘Murdering Fantasy’ (2016)”

  1. “enchanted kingdom of Maalox, or the Forest of Tums.” Ha, ha, ha, ha, and ha, ha….

    I have thought about and pondered for a while, about writing another book, not really fantasy, but built upon, and expanding the story of Lord Lamech and his annihilation, from my book “Reindeer.” The backdrop, of course, would be the world before the flood. But I don’t know, it took me over three weeks just to write the three pages about Lamech!

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