A Crabby Cat

They say Siamese are the most talkative cats–but what are those cats saying? Obviously this cat is berating her owner for some undisclosed transgression.

I don’t know. Our cat Buster talked a lot, but we were sure he was trying to tell jokes and funny stories. If only we knew.

6 comments on “A Crabby Cat

  1. She sounds just like Iggy when he’s trying to get me to do something (usually feed him, but not always). 🙂

  2. Siamese will let you know when you do not measure up to their highly exacting standards. In this case, she was using her Siamese voice. My Siamese usually speaks cat, but occasionally, I will hear the more demanding and strident Siamese dialect, and I know I’m not measuring up. My little one is quite sweet natured, but she knows how to use her voice.

    BTW, I am entering my Summer sleep mode, which is to say that I wake up spontaneously around 4 AM. This morning, I woke up, stirred, and the next thing I knew, my cat was using my rib cage as a stepping stone. It was like catching a cannon ball. 🙂

    1. Iggy prefers stamping on the bladder, which is even more effective than dancing on the rib cage. 🙂

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