‘We Need a Disney Princess Who’ll Go Jump in a Lake’ (2018)

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It’s just so hard to imagine anything more tiresome than this!

This was five years ago. At that time, Disney judged it wise to keep from flagrantly insulting all decency.

That inhibition seems to have lapsed.

We Need A Disney Princess Who’ll Go Jump In A Lake

I don’t know… somehow a labor union for princesses sounds just about right for these Far Left jidrools on Planned Parenthood. And by now I think Disney Corp. is almost ready to jump on it. Like, “Why didn’t we think of this before? A Disney Princess who’s had an abortion and is here illegally and belongs to the princesses’ labor union! What a great future film that’ll make!”

We live in an age when everything good, decent, true, or sane is repeatedly and ferociously attacked. Planned Parenthood and Disney are among the attackers.

If we did everything these people say we ought to do, the human race would go extinct.

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  1. I believe ‘the human race going extinct” is the program — except for the overlords’ lordly selves and a select small group of slaves to serve them. Their current dupes (aka “useful idiots”) think they’ll be part of the overlord group, but they won’t be. Tyranny doesn’t work that way.

    1. The useful idiots are always rounded up and killed as soon as the communist overloards gain full control. “Idiots” are unable to understand this, and that’s why they are idiots.

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