Florida Bans ‘Gender Ideology’ for ALL Grades, K-12

Primary takeaways: Abortion politics, DeSantis flexes muscle

Three cheers for Florida!

I’m still waiting for my wife’s operation to be over–and feeling it in my guts–but I suppose I can try to report some good news. And we need more like it.

This week the Florida Board of Education has banned “gender identity instruction” for all grades, K-12, in all Florida public schools–and a “teacher” who tries to evade the law will lose his or her teaching license (https://www.cnn.com/2023/04/19/politics/florida-bans-teaching-gender-identity-sexual-orientation/index.html).

Far Left jidrools are having a cow over this. Hey! Did you know that “children will die!” if they don’t get “gender affirming care” and sex-change on demand? Makes you wonder how the human race survived thousands of years without it.

Last year Florida banned it for grades K-3, much to the consternation of Organized Idiocy. Now the ban is total for all grades. Put that in your pipes and smoke it. The rest of us are praying for a total coast-to-coast ban of Critical Race Theory.

Meanwhile, a word of caution: Far Left teachers’ unions, deranged “educators,” and the LGBT mob are not going to change their minds about this; and the only way to be sure your children are safe from “gender ideology” is to pull them out of the public schools. Our public education system is broken, it has devolved into child abuse, and it has to be torn down and replaced.

It’s the only thing they’ll understand.

4 comments on “Florida Bans ‘Gender Ideology’ for ALL Grades, K-12

  1. We can only pray that they won’t find a way to sneak it back in undercover, the same way they’ve been doing with CRT.

  2. Even if someone does not have children in government schools, this rot and evil must be stopped, for it affects everyone. And tax dollars are being used to fund this insanity.

  3. Such matters, IMO, are not the province of the schools. I agree that children should be taught the facts of life, but the parents should be the ones doing that teaching.

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