Sacking Tucker Carlson

Okay, I don’t know the story behind Fox News’ sudden–and shocking–ouster of its leading performer, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson. Sure, somewhere it involves a dirty deal. But of course we know that.

One little tiny bit that I’ve picked up on… I wonder what it means…

Okay–headlines all over the Internet. Tons of reportage. And suddenly no one gets fired, resigns, no one’s canned, axed, terminated, or cut… Carlson, Dan Bongino, even Far Left dindle Don Lemon–

All three, in each and every nooze report… “parted the ways” with their employers.

Holy gravitas, Batman.

It’s a rather queer turn of phrase, you can probably go a whole year without ever using it; and yet there it is, all the noozies in all the different nooze organizations using the same expression at the same time. Almost like they went into a huddle before Fox carried out its intent to sack Carlson.

I smell a rat. A big, dead rat.

If we’ve learned one thing, if we’ve learned anything at all these past few years, it’s that the mainstream nooze media and the Democrats who pull their strings… they lie. Every day, every night, whatever the occasion, they lie.

And they’re lying now.

6 comments on “Sacking Tucker Carlson

  1. I’ve heard a number of plausable theories, but no proof of any yet. But this will do more damage to Fox than any lawsuit.

  2. There were some striking allegations made by one Ray Epps on 60 Minutes, and his sacking might be a liability thing.

    1. Fox has for some time been thumbing its nose at the majority of its audience; and they’ll pay for it. Can you say Bud Light?

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