Sacking Tucker Carlson

Okay, I don’t know the story behind Fox News’ sudden–and shocking–ouster of its leading performer, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson. Sure, somewhere it involves a dirty deal. But of course we know that.

One little tiny bit that I’ve picked up on… I wonder what it means…

Okay–headlines all over the Internet. Tons of reportage. And suddenly no one gets fired, resigns, no one’s canned, axed, terminated, or cut… Carlson, Dan Bongino, even Far Left dindle Don Lemon–

All three, in each and every nooze report… “parted the ways” with their employers.

Holy gravitas, Batman.

It’s a rather queer turn of phrase, you can probably go a whole year without ever using it; and yet there it is, all the noozies in all the different nooze organizations using the same expression at the same time. Almost like they went into a huddle before Fox carried out its intent to sack Carlson.

I smell a rat. A big, dead rat.

If we’ve learned one thing, if we’ve learned anything at all these past few years, it’s that the mainstream nooze media and the Democrats who pull their strings… they lie. Every day, every night, whatever the occasion, they lie.

And they’re lying now.

LA Times: ‘Climate Change’ Fuels ‘Extremism’

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Don’t let Climate Change do this to you! Vote Democrat!

Libs in big-city California are astounded that “people in rural California dislike and distrust the rest of us” ( And although these peasants–oops! meant “people”– in rural California say it’s Far Left stupid moron policies and holier-than-thou rhetoric and virtue-signalling that turn them off… well, you know how they lie!

“The risk of right-wing violence,” burbles the Los Angeles Times–

Wait. Stop right there. “Right-wing violence?” We should just take that as a given? Well, gosh, there is no left-wing violence! And if there is, it’s totally justified!” Blah-blah. Anyway, “Climate change [another given that we’re supposed to accept without question] is fueling extremism,” declares the noozepaper.

See how far out they are? They literally can’t conceive of their insane and disastrous policies making people angry. Sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, sidewalks full of hypodermic needles and human feces, crime rate though the ceiling, mandate this and mandate that–oh, no, who could possibly object to that?

Must be the global warming sun baking their brains!

This garbage is from a newspaper. The purpose of a newspaper is to provide information. But they don’t know how to do that anymore without warping, suppressing, or magnifying that information to push their Far Left politics. They are incapable of telling the truth. And they don’t know anybody but other stupid leftids. They understand nothing. They see no reason to try.

‘Anti-Asian Hate’? Really?

Image: Betty Wu, center, and her children, Timmy, 3, and Kayley, 5, at a "Stop Asian Hate" rally Saturday in Pittsburgh.

A lunatic shoots up a massage parlor; and instantaneously our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. generate a whole Narrative (noozie for “lie”) about America being the land of “anti-Asian hate.” This springs up full-blown, professionally printed protest signs and all, like Athena from the head of Zeus. (I wonder how many collidge grads have never heard of that.)

I live in a part of New Jersey in which “Asians” are a big part of the population. Chinese, Indians, Koreans–you see them everywhere, peacefully going about their business like everybody else. In fact, there is no “else.” They are part of “everybody.”

We get the impression that the noozies were just waiting for this incident, or any incident, so they could go into their routine. America is evil! America is racist! Bad, bad, bad America!

In fact, the only persons actually practicing discrimination against Asian-Americans are–of course!–liberals. They’re the ones who won’t let eminently qualified Asian students go to the college of their choice: because there are too many Asian students (!) and space has to be reserved for Cherished Minorities–whether those are qualified or not.

Lost in the sauce has been any question as to how those young Asian women wound up “working” in the massage parlor in the first place. Can you say “human trafficking”? Were they there because they’d been unconscionably exploited by wicked and ungodly persons? Betcha they were!

We know it’s in a liberal’s DNA to hate his own country and try to hurt it. This is what they are and they can’t help it. This is why they must be kept out of power. Because they do us harm–all of us.

So now they’ve manufactured yet another “hate” that we can all be guilty of.

Are we going to let them do it… again?

Now They Brag About Their Crime

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My friend the homicide detective has always said a great number of serious crimes are solved not by detective work, but simply by the criminals’ inability to keep their mouths shut. “They can’t help it,” he says. “They’ve just got to tell somebody how smart they were. And then that somebody tells us.”

Time Magazine’s Feb. 15 cover story brags about how “a cabal” of rich and powerful people–in Big Business, Big Labor, Big Tech, the nooze media, and politics–“conspired” to rig the 2020 election and commit massive fraud ( The Federalist’s Joy Pullman has written an article analyzing this crime.

You want hubris? The Time article is entitled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” Saved it? Saved it? With a “shadow campaign”? How much more of that are we expected to tolerate?

And they did it, she says, “to save democracy.” As in “We had to destroy this village in order to save it.”

For the first time ever, some 160 million mail-in ballots were included in the election results, without any effort to ensure quality control. The plotters also made sure “to control the information”–in which our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. were indispensable. “To control the information” means… to lie.

Heaping up the hubris, they now feel free to brag about their crime.

Someone must have convinced them that if your crime is big enough, our law enforcement institutions simply throw up their hands and let it slide.

No one has ever committed a bigger crime against America.

No one has been punished for it.

May righteous God avenge us.