Whose Side Are They On?

Spies (Really) Like Us: Dem Bigwigs Caught Hobnobbing With Secret Chinese Police Mole

Somehow Democrats look more honest when they’re wearing mask.

Congress is upset that China maintains secret–and illegal–police stations in American cities.

But not every politician displays consternation over this.

New York Democrats seem quite comfy with Chinese secret police officials… who donate to their political campaigns (https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/kevindowneyjr/2023/04/24/spies-really-like-us-dem-bigwigs-caught-hobnobbing-with-secret-chinese-police-mole-n1689913). Senator Chuck Schumer has had his picture taken with one of two men arrested last month for running secret Chinese police operations in New York City. (To be fair, we have always been advised, “Never get between Schumer and a camera.”)

I wonder how many Democrats would be left in office if you removed every one who took payola from the Chinese Communist Party. Have the Chicoms insulted any Democrat politicians by not buying them?

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