This Week Will Be Different

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I’ve been feeling very tired lately (people have noticed). I don’t know why. I’m putting it down to the sustained dreariness of the nooze I have to cover every day.

Tomorrow is my birthday, No. 74. Who the devil ever expects to be 74 years old someday? My plan is to not go anywhere, whip up a few blog posts if I can, enjoy a cigar outside, and then maybe watch Jurassic World. There will also be crabcakes and birthday cake.

Maybe by Wednesday I’ll be back in form. Today, there’s one more hymn request… and maybe one nooze item. Maybe. Depends on how I’m feelin’. A nice neighbor prayed over me this morning, so that’s one thing going for me.

6 comments on “This Week Will Be Different

  1. Happy erev birthday! But … only 74? A mere babe in arms. Just wait till you get to the 80s! 😛

  2. Happy (early) birthday. And everyone needs to withdraw for a while to replenish.

  3. It’s already the 9th here, so Happy Birthday brother.

    Who ever expects to be 74 or 70, as I turned a month ago. Some of my “get up and go” has got up and left, for younger days and more active times.

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