Cheating Student Pepper-Sprays Teacher

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You can see the video embedded in the story; I’d rather not post it. Here’s a nice lizard instead.

When the teacher confiscated her phone for using it to cheat on her in-class schoolwork, a student at Antioch High School in Tennessee pepper-sprayed him and tried to take back the phone by force ( Dig that public education.

Now, what’s the one thing we’re told that public schooling provides… well, indispensably? [Cue Jeopardy theme]

You guessed it–socialization! Somehow being cooped up all day with other kids is supposed to teach you how to behave in human society. Hot dog! I don’t know that I ever learned anything good from my classmates, but I sure as shootin’ learned a lot of bad.

The day public education was invented was a calamity.

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