“‘Your God”? Really?’ (2017)

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“Oh, it rain on de rocks and de rocks come alive, doo-dah, doo-dah!” (And they say we have silly beliefs…)

I’m re-running this post today because yesterday I got another e-mail from an atheist who’s bent out of shape because God was mean to the Canaanites, I guess he wants another god: maybe the World Economic Forum.

‘Your God’? Really?

This civilization of ours is in desperately bad shape, no small thanks to atheists; nor has the Church carried out its duty as a watchman.

You want proof of God? Well, here it is: we’re still here! In spite of our best efforts to destroy our own species, we’re still here. Only God can do that.

4 comments on ““‘Your God”? Really?’ (2017)

  1. The Canaanites were not exactly a bunch of Boy Scouts. They practiced infant sacrifice and the society was said to be so evil that they were vomited from the land. God didn’t rush to judgment either, when he promised the land to Abraham, it was not to be given to Abraham’s seed until the iniquity of the Hittites was complete.

    1. Atheists are always mad at God for punishing the Canaanites, even though by their own standards, it never happened.

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