‘I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say’

Here’s another hymn I never heard before–I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say, performed here by Joshua and Jeremy. Haunting melody, isn’t it? I wonder how it would sound with Johnny Cash singing it. I wonder how it’d sound with Joshua and Jeremy singing it.

5 comments on “‘I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say’

  1. I think I may have heard this before, but I am not sure. Joshua and Jeremy do a fine job with this hymn. But I also would like to hear them sing.

    I was curious about the history and lyrics of this hymn, and looked around to see if I could find out a bit. This is what I found.

    1. Thanks, very interesting. I remember seeing Bonar’s name in our church’s hymnal. It was cool, the way Vaughn Williams adapted a medieval melody to a modern hymn.

  2. I also thought it would be great to hear Johnny Cash sing this song. So, I did a bit of research, but couldn’t find him sing this. But there is another song of his that also has a somewhat haunting melody and very interesting lyrics, “The Man Comes Around.” I guess that song would be my next request.

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