Cuddly Rats

Some of you already know rats make good pets–affectionate, playful, very smart… and really quite clean. We had our two little rat-girls here, and they were as good as gold until the lights went out. Then they resolved their disputes. Featuring very loud squeaks.

4 comments on “Cuddly Rats

  1. Well, that might be true, some rats do make good pets. Nevertheless, I was not happy when a few of those critters came to visit us a few months ago. One morning I noticed, a few bananas were missing parts. Where they got in, I haven’t been able to find. But I did evict them, a cage worked just fine. However, if I just let them go, they got in one time, and I am sure they would find their way in again. And if not my place, someone else’s home. Thus, I am sorry, their incursion was a capital crime and the penalty was death. There was no funeral nor grave, but the river where their bodies sunk out of sight.

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