‘A Visit to the Library’ (2014)

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“King who? Dude, if it happened more than six weeks ago, I never heard of it!”

I don’t go to the library anymore, even though ours is only a two blocks’ walk away. Since my friend the director retired, our local library is nothing but a Far Left Crazy hangout. Complete with drag queens.

A Visit to the Library

But even years before that, it was getting harder and harder to find anything on the shelves but unedifying hot new blather. Classics were shoved off the shelves to make room for stuff that would be stale before the week was out.

It used to be a cliche that libraries hired bookworms to be librarians. It is not true. Unless the ones they have are bookworms who never read anything published earlier than a month ago.

*Sigh* Now, like so many others, we get our books via the Internet. The libraries just don’t have it anymore.

4 comments on “‘A Visit to the Library’ (2014)

  1. The same is true here. I seldom go to the library any more, except when a book I reserved — assuming any library in the area consortium has it at all — has come in. Libraries don’t do books any more. They should stop being called “libraries.”

  2. Our neighboring county library is being sued by the LGB (I don’t recognize T because there is no such thing – only two genders) for removing queer books for children from the children’s section. Groomers are from hell.

    1. The sooner they go back where they came from, the better. C.S. Lewis was right–they are working to scrub all life from the earth.

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