‘Bombshell’ & ‘Whistleblower’

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Guaranteed to be a dud!

[Editor’s Note: I wanted to post Joshua & Jeremy’s first video, El Condor Pasa, only to  be told “This video is no longer available.” Fie on YouTube for that.]

Antique joke: A high-society father tells his debutante daughter, “There are two words I wish you wouldn’t use! One is swell and the other is lousy.” She answers, “Yes, Papa! And what are the two words?” [Allow three minutes for uncontrolled guffawing]

Well, there are two words that have really come to get my dander up. “Bombshell” and “Whistleblower.” Both are used to describe political situations that the headline writer hopes will metamorphose into full-blown crises. In real life, both of them very nearly always denote situations in which jim-blooming nothing will happen.

“Whistleblower” drops “bombshell” on FBI covering up massive Biden family corruption. How many of those do we see per day? We’ve even got another Whistleblower Bombshell that flying saucers are real, after all! How many times have we heard that?

Everybody’s got a bombshell. And nothing ever comes of it. Might as well be waiting for the UFOs to land on the White House lawn.

So what’s your favorite Zilch-Zero-Nada of a Whistleblower Bombshell? I’m voting for the Durham Report, but I’m sure many of you can come up with ones even more maddening than that.

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  1. The UFO reports are laughable, at best. Twice, in the last month or so, I’ve had videos forwarded to me about some UFO bombshell. In both cases, some drone sat there making insinuations about some huge government coverup involving UAPs, Unidentified Arial Phenomena, which is the recent rebranding of the term UFO, designed to sound more authoritative.

    Anyhow, the drone in the video would talk about all this secret stuff the government was hiding, and would refer to a friend, or friends, who had security clearances. Memo to drones wishing to BS people with YouTube videos; no one with a security clearance will chat about classified information with their friends. That’s pretty much a one way ticket to Leavenworth. I’ve had a security clearance, so I speak from experience. Beyond that, the only way someone with a clearance would know about something, is if it is directly involved with their job duties. Even a person with the highest clearance can’t just march into a room and look up files on some classified project.

    So, assuming for the sake of discussion, that there was an alien spaceship in the hands of the government, that information would be confined to the people directly involved, and they could only so much as talk about it within the confines of a SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility). A report of such info might make it up the chain of command, but that report would not be seen by many people, and by the time it reaches the true leaders, it is very tightly controlled.

    BTW, if an outsider comes into possession of such information, they will be receiving a visit from some very serious people who will explain to them that they are expected to treat this information the same way as a cleared government employee would treat it, or face the same penalties. Leavenworth doesn’t sound all that appealing. Most classified information is mundane and has a very short shelf life, but even at that, it should be treated as if it were radioactive.

    1. Patty and I were UFO buffs in the 70s–we read everything. And not one single word of it ever, EVER led to anything like a confirmation. It was all dead ends. That kind of slew my interest in the subject.

    2. If you listen, carefully, most of these people talk in circles, there are implications made, but they never really explain themselves, in any meaningful way.

      They will always refer to third parties who would be in a position to know, which is classic Urban Legend tactics. Saying something on the order of “I know this guy that does Top Secret work for the government and he said …”, at which point my eyes roll heavenward. There are, undoubtedly, technical secrets that the government holds, but the people that have access to these are not about to start talking, if for no other reason than it would be immediately traceable. If someone worked at Area 51, and started talking about something they had seen there, the instant that information leaked, all they would have to do is find a list of people that would be in a position to know this information, find the person who is spreading this information about, and as soon as you find an association between those in the know, and the information spreader, the truth will be forthcoming, very quickly.

      Conspiracies tend not to be very durable. For example, if Apollo was a fraud, the number of people involved would be massive. Sooner or later, someone would expose this, and the facade would crumble so fast that it would be amazing.

      I do believe that people are seeing something, but craft which are capable of amazing accelerations, such as are reported by many people who have seen these phenomena, are simply impossible for material objects. Even a craft of pure titanium would crumple like aluminum foil under these load factors. My personal opinion is that UAP are related to demonic activity, perhaps some sort of elaborate illusion.

  2. Of course, it’s a dead end, there are no aliens living on other planets. A good book that deals with this is “Close Encounters a Better Explanation” by Clifford Wilson & John Weldon. Before I read their book, through my own research, I had come to the same conclusion concerning UFOs.

    Conspiracies aren’t very durable? 911 is still going strong, but its slowly coming apart. There were hundreds of scientists working in a laboratory in Los Alamos on the Manhattan project. And tens of thousands of civilian contractors and military personal, in engineering, construction, organization and all other logistics and aspects of the project. Yet, how many out of thousands of folks, really knew what they were working on? How many knew the goal, a deadly device capable of killing thousands of people with just one bomb? Very few knew the full extent nor scope of that project, nor the end game. Why and how? It was compartmentalized!

    Right now, there is a massive conspiracy happening right before our eyes! This has already killed tens of millions, harmed millions more, and its deadly effects will infect millions more during the coming years. There is enormous and substantial proof of the fraud, and yet the covit-19, with its lockdowns, mask mandates, and other insanity are still largely on going! The façade has been fully exposed, but it still refuses to crumble and is still firmly fixed within the minds of many and they obey its mandates.

    The Apollo missions and most of the space program is one big lie and immense fraud. Yeah, rockets did take off, but none went to the moon. This fraud has already been exposed by numerous scientists and other researchers, the façade has been cracked, but is still not crumbling. The use of compartmentalization, along with an almost limitless supply of funds, goes a long way, and is used to hide a great deal of deception and trickery.

    As many still refuse to believe that the injections are harmful in the extreme, and in fact, many still line up to get them and make sure their children are given the clot shot. Is it really so hard to believe that we have been given one lie after another concerning the moon missions?

  3. The whistle blower story I really like is the one about Joe Biden taking bribe money from Ukraine and secretly distributing the money to his family members while he was serving as Obama’s VP. The Comer Committee asks the FBI for the document and Wray says no way but under threat of a subpoena at the midnight hour relented and turned it over. Now for the fireworks show to begin (and this is why Trump was indicted again, to distract the public from the Biden bribery story).

  4. Yeah, Bombshells & Whistleblowers all over the place, coming out of the woodwork, headline news stories about the laptop, and the whole Biden crime family… but almost nothing has been done with this real damming evidence…what is the FBI doing about it? But without any real evidence, as far as I know, Trump was indicted again.

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