‘Oh, Boy! No More ‘Hate’ on Cyberspace!’ (2016)

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It’s only “hate” if They say so!

It goes back farther than 2016, the Democrat wet dream of completely controlling content on the Internet. Censorship has always been their thing. The greatest tool of mass communication ever devised–and all they want to use it for is to stifle their political enemies.

Oh, Boy! No More ‘Hate’ in Cyberspace!

Do you trust leftids to determine what is “hate”? And to root it out? Forsooth, do you trust them at all, in anything?

Slojo’s Regime is working overtime to silence opposition to its insane and evil agenda.

May the Lord our God confound them.

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  1. They are trying to silence Donald Trump, but it won’t work, just as everything else they have tried to shut him up with has not worked. They canceled him from all social platforms, so he created Truth Social – that is the kind of guy he is.

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