Oh, Boy! No More ‘Hate’ in Cyberspace!

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The cuddly commies at Google and Facebook are reportedly studying ways to ban “hate” and “extremism” from the Internet and social media ( http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/25/12029900/facebook-google-extremist-blocking ).

Ain’t that wonderful? And they don’t even have to tell you what constitutes hate or extremism.

Do you trust them to limit their definition to really bad guys plotting to blow people up? Might they not be tempted to outlaw all kinds of whatever they decide is hateful or extremist? Like the contents of this blog, for instance?

Again, the issue is religious. As Christians, we believe that the origin of evil lies within the human heart. But humanist wack-jobs think, “Oh, no, the human heart is basically good! It’s all that other stuff that needs to be re-engineered–our culture, our society, our social, political, and economic institutions. That’s where all the evil comes from! But not to worry–we can fix it. With Education and Science and plenty of camps for those who aren’t behind the program, blah-blah-blah…”

We can defend ourselves from this–but not if we allow Hillary Clinton to become our president.

Please think about that carefully, come voting time.

10 comments on “Oh, Boy! No More ‘Hate’ in Cyberspace!

  1. I’ve never owned selfie phone and never will, I don’t use google since ixquick is so much better. I wouldn’t go on fakebook if it paid by the second.
    I look at boycotting the forces of statist utopian hivemind groupthink totalitarianism as a fun game to see how much they can be avoided.
    It is also good fun to ask these techno triumphalists what product does google or fakebook make.

  2. Since Facebook and Google ARE evil, they believe any conservatism or Christianity is cause for censorship. Never been on Facebook. They’re big snoops! So is Google – and they manipulate search results, too.

    1. Well, all I can manage of the social media is to share my blog posts on Facebook. Anything else is too fancy for me. As this blog is the only publicity I’ve got for my books, I think I have to use what’s available. Maybe someday I’ll find a better alternative.

  3. To all those who haven’t stopped using google yet here is an alternative that doesn’t track your every online move:


    Yes it says enhanced by google to the right but read that closely.

    Here is an easy to install app to stop all annoying ads and pop ups:


    1. Thanks, Thorsten. I do use startpage by ixquick, but didn’t know about adblockplus. That will be helpful!

    1. That’s not the first time that has happened, and it won’t be the last. The child could have died in a hospital. He didn’t. But if he had, no one would have been in trouble.
      What would the authorities have said if the little boy recovered after receiving homeopathic treatment?

    2. Years ago, a friend of my father’s had cancer in her hand. Doctors wanted to immediately remove her hand! My dad brought her to a homeopathic doctor who put her on a regimen of vitamins, organic juices made at home and various other natural treatments. She kept her hand and her cancer was cured! So much for traditional ‘remove your hand’ treatments.

    1. Most of this stuff is way over my head. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I search a topic, just for information, suddenly I’m getting ads for some product covered in my search. It’s annoying, but eventually it goes away.

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