Prayer Request: Us

Red Salamander Facts and Pictures

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these little fellows; but it comforts me to know they’re out there, somewhere.

We had a bad weekend. Something went wrong with Patty’s neck and subjected her to several days of serious pain. She’s just gotten over her hernia operation and doesn’t want to go back to the doctor.

My right leg is giving me fits. The doctor says it’s lack of exercise. I’ll have to see if I can walk it off.

We bought a new grooming comb for Robbie and it’s made her look years younger. So at least that’s working.

Anyway, we’d appreciate your prayers. I think we need them.

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  1. You and Patty and Robbie are always in my prayers.

    My own cat Iggy had a terrible night last night, and therefore, of course, so did I — constantly cleaning up after him and cleaning him up as well. Hardly any sleep for either of us. He’s really sinking steadily. I’m hoping he’ll make it to his 19th birthday next Monday, but last night I was beginning to doubt it. Still, he seems to have rallied a bit today. He just walked through here to use his litter box, and he wasn’t sliding off his legs the way he’s been doing lately. So I think I’ll just shut down my computer now and go spend some time with him — and also try to get some sleep. I’m staggering myself these days.

  2. Dear Folks, or course, I will continue to pray for you. So many people are in need of prayer at this time, but I have a lot of time, and prayer is one thing I can still do. I am trying to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine for a short time each day- I know I need exercise too.

  3. Thank you, Lee. I don’t spend much time on the computer these days. Hoping to get back to a more normal condition so I can do the normal things.

  4. All these old people with aches and pains and their cats in this blog. Does 70 count as an old people? However, I am catless at this time. Although I am good friends with the young dog from next door. He camps out much of the time at my door, awaiting my arrival. I can relate to your maladies, howbeit mine are a bit different, but still on going. I have learned to live with my difficulties and grief, and pray for complete healing, but if that doesn’t come, I pray God will comfort me and carry me through to the end.

    Erlene, Phoebe, and brother Lee’s family, you all are in my prayers each day, which includes your cats. I understand how much a beloved pet means to someone, and how heartbroken one can be if they are sick or pass away. Yeah, they become family, and at times your best friend. I still miss Leo, my beloved dog, who has now been gone forty years.

    An old man went to the doctor complaining of various difficulties and troubles. After the doc’s examination, he told the man, “I can’t make you any younger, and there is nothing I can do for you.” The old man replied, “I don’t want to get younger; I just want to keep getting older.”

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