Oh, Boy! A New Tax!

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Turned your car off, did they?

Say hey! Are you ready for a “mileage tax” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/multiple-states-weigh-charging-residents-every-mile-they/).

Several states (Oregon, Virginia, Utah, and Hawaii) are already on board–gotta keep that revenue coming in. And The Regime is talking about imposing a federal mileage tax.

Of course, they’ll have to install some kind of doohickey in your car to keep track of how much driving you do. Are we headed for “the Hunger Games”? “Oops, you’ve driven enough this month! We’re going to have to turn your car off, remotely. Try again two months from now!”

Always trying to grow the government, aren’t we? How big, how powerful, how costly does it have to be before we cry “uncle”?

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