Pizza Bandits

None of my cats ever showed the slightest interest in stealing pizza. Really–the one cat in his video wanted pepper? Okay, your turtle will eat anything you’re eating, but that’s just a bad turtle habit. I am at a loss to account for these cats’ behavior.

2 comments on “Pizza Bandits

  1. None of our cats ever stole pizza. But one grabbed a pancake from the kitchen table, and proudly strolled down the hall with the prize in its mouth. One other theft of food, the brazen stunt pulled right under my nose, was most disturbing.

    My favorite meal, pot roast, had been taken out of the oven and set on a big platter in the middle of the table. I talked to my wife, who was busy finishing up preparation for our dinner. I didn’t notice the chair pulled out, just enough for the cat to use as a stepping stone, and well within reach of the steaming roast.

    I heard a noise when the plate landed upside down. This was a Blitzkrieg, a surprise attack, pulled off with impeccable timing, by four furry, unified, conniving creatures. At a given signal, before I could react, our two cats and dogs sprang into action, and fell upon the defenseless roast and began to tear into it. My wife and I could only look upon the scene with shock and horror, as our meal quickly disappeared. How they were able to devour the hot roast so rapidly will forever remain a mystery. They really enjoyed their food rations, which I reluctantly let them have.

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