6,000 Churches Bolt from United Methodist Fold

An abandoned country church in Indiana | Photograph by Christopher Crawford

Keep it up till no one’s left?

“As many as 6,000 churches” have left the United Methodist Church, in just the past few years, in protest against the UMC’s increasingly “gay”-friendly stance (https://www.christianpost.com/news/thousands-of-methodist-churches-flee-over-rift-whats-going-on.html), the Christian Post reports.

The UMC still prohibits blessings of same-sex “marriage” and ordination of unrepentant homosexuals into the clergy. But liberals within the denomination have been working to change that and many churches don’t want to change.

We see this all throughout the flatline Protestant churches. They just won’t take “No!” for an answer.

But that’s the answer they’re getting; and all they can think of doing is to double down on it–and watch more churches flee the coop.

Barbara Tuchman, in her classic work, The March of Folly, calls that “wooden-headedness.”

8 comments on “6,000 Churches Bolt from United Methodist Fold

  1. It’s just another time of harvest, a separation of the tares from the good seed. During my lifetime, it has never been as clear, the difference between the evil and good, those who follow the Lord, and those who are the children of the enemy, the wicked one.

  2. The church is the body of Christ, not necessarily a building with religious traditions. It is up to every member of the body to receive instructions from the Head, who is Christ.

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